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Lead To Succeed

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Lead To Succeed

Our Company

Transparent distribution for the independent artist.

Your music, unleashed.

SourceLid is the all-in-one solution for content creators. Between music and business, we aim to transform the industry for independent artist, emerging labels, and content creators.

Be part of the world’s biggest platform, while protecting your content. Collect your revenue from sales and streaming sources, hassle-free.

Our partners will support and promote your music and brand globally.

Trust your inner rhythm.

Succeed at your own beat.

Our Services

Discover your next step.
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Digital Distribution

Let us handle the distribution of your music.

Reach every major online store with no hidden fees.

We have 100 DSPs and EDM/Dance partnerships including:
iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Napster, TikTok, and more.


Youtube & Content ID

Maximize your reach.

We’ll provide you with the tools to manage, track and collect revenue from your YouTube content.

Monetize any user-generated content that’s using your copyright-protected music.

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Publishing & Neighboring Rights

We work with partners to register and collect mechanical and performance royalties at a global scale.

We’ll take care of your publishing royalties and collect them at a domestic and foreign level.


Digital Marketing

Take your content to the next level.

Enhance your social media analytics. Expect reports and a boost to your social media accounts.

SourceLid will showcase your content on Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, YouTube, Snapchat, apps, and webpages.

An investment ready to work for you.

Additional Services


Unleash your music’s potential with our full-service solution. Our Label Services provide all the benefits and expertise of a large record label, while you keep control and ownership of your music.

and Touring

Let our experts handle it. Our team brings everything to the table, from event planning and stage design, to pre-production and event production.


Count on our PR services for personalized campaigns that reach local and international media outlets.


Fuel your music journey with stunning art. Our creative studio offers you innovative photo sessions, music videos, digital campaign, and much more


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